Jag Award-Winning Videos

The Jersey Access Group (JAG) is a professional organization that unites municipalities, access channels, non-profit organizations, and content providers in a mission to improve communications to their communities. JAG advises, advocates, and educates in the areas of technology, legislation, and regulation impacting multiple media platforms. Their annual JAG Video Awards are dedicated to honoring excellence in local and regional Public Education Government (PEG) cablecast programming.

2022 First Prize “The Jersey Storm, Sandy in Monmouth” by Adam Worth

2022 First Prize Asbury Park Juneteenth Day Highlights” by Muata Greene

2022 First Prize “Bans off Our Bodies Rally Highlights” by Muata Greene and John Kaplow

2022 Winner “Asbury Park 150th anniversary Time Capsule” by Nicole Amatucci

2022 Winner “Be Kind PSA” by Nicole Amatucci

2022 Winner “AP Senior Center” by Nicole Amatucci

2022 Winner “Universal African Festival Highlights” by Muata Greene

2022 Winner “AP Food Pantries“ by Nate McCallister

2022 Winner “Sir, I Exist: A Life of Stephen Crane” by Tom Chesek, Frank D'Alessandro and Nate McCallister

2021 First Prize "A Conversation with Mayor John Moor - July 18, 2021" by Mike Sodano

2021 First Prize "Muata talks Meteorological Spring and 2021 Hurricane Names" by Muata Greene

2021 Winner "A Segregated Seashore Retrospective" by Kay Harris, Michelle Gladden and Mike Sodano

2021 Winner "Preserving Wesley Lake" by Ed Salvas

2021 Winner "Women's Herstory 2021" by Charles Trott

2020 First Prize "There You Go: Asbury Park Two Days of Protests" by Bruce Booker

2020 Winner "ESTC Gardens of Asbury Park" by Mike Sodano and Nancy Sabino  

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