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Please fill in all required fields. You must upload a thumbnail (video preview image) in addition to your video. The thumbnail should have 16:9 proportions (for example, 1280 x 720 or 640 x 360). If you have no idea how to create a thumbnail, you can obtain the thumbnail image that accompanies your video on YouTube by right clicking and saving the image to your desktop (although this will result in a poorer quality image than if you create your own at a higher resolution). If you are uploading a video file, you are on your own to create a thumbnail.

Once your upload has been successful, you will see a page that says “Upload Successful.” ¬†This may take a minute to process. To expedite review and publishing of your video, please send us an email (info@asburyparktv.com) to let us know more about its content. Once it has been reviewed and published, it will appear in the “Community Submitted Videos” tab under “Community” of the Main Menu.¬†


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