Local Legends Asbury Park

Asbury Park is stocked with local and legendary voices who resonate with creativity that is simple, imaginative, and fresh. It is a place that burns with diverse artistic expression, crackles with an authentic, off-center spirit. From the start, Asbury has concentrated on breaking revolutionary new ground through a wellspring of music, gay, and concrete culture.

Meet the creators who have made it the center of its own unlike anywhere else in the world. Meet the Local Legends. Conceived & Produced by Adam Nelson. Directed by William DeVizia & Michael Lucio Sternbach. Presented by Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

Local Legends features individuals whose creativity and artistry are instrumental in the makeup, culture and creative fabric of the community. These are the fearless, courageous adventurers, whose creative energy is what makes Asbury Park infectious, and an attractive destination.

Subjects in this series include:
1. Mel Stultz (Founder Asbury Lanes, Race of Gentlemen)
2. Neil O’Brien (Artist)
3. Tina Kerekes (Renaissance Woman)
4. Lance Larson (Wonder Bar)
5. Tinker West (Legend)
6. Jenn Hampton (Co-Founder, Parlor Gallery)
7. Geena Alessia Buono (LGBT, Chiropractor)
8. George Corbin (Rt. Asbury Park Police Lieutenant)