Asbury Park City Council Meeting – September 8, 2021

Workshop Session
Proclaiming September as Hunger Action Month 0:59
Special Event Applications 1:18
Matters from City Council 2:25

Regular Meeting
Public Participation 4:40
Consent Agenda Resolutions 5:40
2021-392 : Resolution Approving Special Event Applications
2021-393 : Resolution to Refund Overpaid Taxes Due to a Tax Court Judgment Block 1502 Lot 9 1422 Asbury Avenue
2021-394 : Resolution Authorizing the Acceptance of Grant Funding from The State Of New Jersey, Department of Law & Public Safety, For The 2021 Body Camera Grant

Individual Resolutions 6:27
2021-395 : Resolution Approving Payment of Bills
2021-396 : Resolution Appointing Community, Grants, Planning & Housing LLC To Serve as Affordable Housing Administrative Agent For the City of Asbury Park.
2021-397 : Authorizing Engineering Design & Bidding Services to T&M Associates for Three Additional RBC Replacement at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
2021-398 : Resolution Authorizing a Contract with Safe-T EMS & Safety Training LLC for Fire Department Training
2021-399 : Authorizing the Purchase of Scanning Device and the Labor associated with the Digitization of Records and Records Management Improvements
2021-400 : Resolution Authorizing Payment to Asbury Park Small Businesses through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG/CV Cares Act Funds)
2021-401 : Resolution Authorizing the Reimbursement to the Boys & Girls Club of Monmouth through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funding for the Installation of HVAC Unit.
2021-402 : Resolution Authorizing the Repairs to the 2018 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Vehicle #49

Second Reading/Public Hearing 10:18
2021-32 : Capital Ordinance Providing for Records Management Improvements by And in The City of Asbury Park, In the County of Monmouth, State Of New Jersey; Appropriating $125,000 Therefor from The Capital Improvement Fund to Pay for The Cost Thereof

Full agenda: