Asbury Park City Council Meeting – July 28, 2021

Workshop Session

Call to Order/Roll Call
Silent Prayer/Moment of Reflection
Salute to the Flag
Announcement – Open Public Meetings Act
Proclamation Recognizing Sherrice Lyles
Proclamation Recognizing the City of Asbury Park as a Stigma-Free Community
Special Events 2:40
Items to be Presented:
Filebank-Document Management Presentation: Joe Dellaragione, Director of Information Technology 4:25
Matters from City Council 14:34

Regular Meeting
Public Participation 17:00

Consent Agenda Resolutions
2021-347-349 37:46

2021-351 : Resolution Approving Payment of Bills 38:31
2021-352 : Emergency Contract for the Mold Remediation at the Fire Department 39:00
2021-353 : Resolution Awarding of a Contract to Precise Construction Inc. for Sunset Lake Park Improvements 39:22
2021-354 : Resolution Amending the Contract with ENGenuity Infrastructure LLC for Design of Citywide Wayfinding Signage 40:00
2021-355 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Police Body Worn Cameras 40:25
2021-356 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of High Pressure Lifting Air Bags for the Fire Department
2021-357 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Parts Needed to Repair RBC ( Rotating Biological Contractor) #4 the Sewer Plant 41:31
2021-358 : Resolution Authorizing the Emergency Professional Service Contract for the Assistance & Guidance of Structural Evaluations at Convention Hall and Munroe Towers Apartments 41:54
2021-359 : Resolution Authorizing Payment for Emergency Repairs to a Ladder Truck at the Fire Department 42:18
2021-360 : Resolution Authorizing Transmission Repairs to Kubota #64 at the Department of Public Works 42:42
2021-361 : Resolution Authorizing Contact Tank Cleaning at the Sewer Plant 43:02
2021-362 : Resolution to Approve Place to Place Liquor License Transfer- Reduction in Premises- AP Thirty Property Holdings, LLC; ( Delicensing of Beach Area ) 43:27
2021-363 : Resolution Approving Change Order #6 for Bridge and Heck Street Improvements 43:44
2021-364 : A Resolution Confirming the Terms of The Regular Members Of The Rent Leveling Board, And Appointing Alternate Members to The Board. 44:36
2021-365 : Resolution Authorizing Payment to Asbury Park Small Businesses through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG/CV Cares Act Funds) 45:10

2021-30 : An Ordinance Amending the Central Business District Redevelopment Plan to Permit Microbreweries on Block 2404 On Cookman Avenue Between Bond Street and Press Plaza 46:02

Full agenda: