Asbury Park City Council Meeting – April 14, 2021

Workshop Session 0:00
Alphabets Preschool-Proclaiming March 26, as SEL Day 1:50
Elizabeth Arteaga-Celebrating 30 years in Asbury Park 4:19

Special Event Applications 6:43

Presentation by Michele Alonso, Director of Planning and Redevelopment regarding
Amendments to Chapter 30 of the City Code (Land Development
Regulations) 7:53

Presentation by Michele Alonso, PP, AICP, Director of Planning and Redevelopment
regarding amendment to the Central Business District (CBD) Redevelopment
Plan requested by Asbury Park Brewery 21:46

Regular Meeting
Matters from the City Council 24:17
Public Participation 28:41

Consent Agenda Resolutions 1:08:40

Individual Resolutions
2021-180 Resolution Approving Payment of Bills 1:09:39
2021-181 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of New Sign Displays 1:10:23
2021-182 Resolution Authorizing a Payment to the Asbury Park Library for the
Removal and Purchase of Six Honeywell Air Conditioning Units Through
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 1:10:53
2021-183 Resolution Authorizing the Purchase and Installation of an Electronic
Digital Message Center Sign from Daktronics for Springwood Park 1:11:32
2021-184 Resolution Authorizing the Reappointment of Donna M. Vieiro as
Municipal Manager and Authorizing the Execution of an Employment
Agreement Relating Thereto 1:12:07
2021-185 Authorization to Ratify the PBA Local 6 Union Contract 1:12:40
2021-186 Resolution Authorizing the Award of a Contract for the Kennedy Park
Concession 1:13:10
2021-187 Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract with
Rosario Contracting Corporation for the Demolition of 1117 Sunset
Avenue Asbury Park, NJ 1:13:44
2021-188 Resolution Awarding a Contract for Sunset Lake Pond Management 1:14:18
2021-189 Resolution Awarding a Contract to Ben Shaffer Recreation for Installation
of New Playground Equipment located at Seventh and Ocean Avenue. 1:14:48
2021-190 Resolution Awarding Contract to Ben Shaffer Recreation for the Purchase
and Installation of a Bandshell for Springwood Park 1:15:27
2021-191 Resolution Awarding of a Contract to Millennium Communications Group
for Security Cameras 1:15:57
2021-192 Resolution Awarding of a Contract to Millennium Communications Group
for Fiber Extension 1:16:35
2021-193 Resolution of the Mayor and City Council of The City of Asbury Park to
enter into A Subsequent Developer Agreement with K. Hovnanian
Holdings NJ, LLC for the development of property located at as Block
4003, Lots 1,2, and 16 (the “Baltic Property”) and Block 4003, Lots
12,13, and 14 (the “Aegean Property”) 1:17:04
2021-194 A Resolution Of The Mayor And Council Of The City Of Asbury Park,
Acting As The Redevelopment Entity, Granting Conceptual Approval To
K. Hovnanian Holdings NJ, LLC Regarding residential development on
Block 4003 Lots 1,2 ,12, 13, 14 and 16; And Referring The Matter To The
Planning Board For Appropriate Approvals 1:17:57
2021-195 Resolution Rescinding Liquor License 1303-33-013-001 Monmouth
Lodge #122, IBPOE for the 2020-2021 Liquor License Renewals 1:18:49
2021-197 Resolution Approving Monmouth Lodge 122 IBPOE of WPRIDE of
Asbury Temple 64 for 2020-2021 Liquor License Renewal Term. 1:19:33

2021-16 2021 Cap Rate Ordinance 1:20:18
2021-17 An Ordinance Establishing a Restricted Parking Space for use by
Handicapped Persons at Property Located at 1100 Block of Langford
Street in the City of Asbury Park, and Amending and Supplementing
Section 7-36, Entitled,“Handicapped Parking,” of Chapter VII, “Traffic,”
of the “Revised General Ordinances of the City of Asbury Park, New
Jersey.” 1:21:02

Second Reading/Public Hearing
2021-9 An Ordinance Authorizing The Participation of The City Of Asbury Park
In The Community Energy Aggregation Program That Creates An Option
For 100% Regionally Sourced Renewables, And Amending And
Supplementing The “Code Of The City Of Asbury Park,” In Order To
Create A New Chapter 21 Thereof, Entitled “Community Energy
Aggregation,” Accordingly.1:21:53
2021-12 AN Ordinance of the City of Asbury Park Amending Chapter VII of the
Code of the City of Asbury Park Regarding Traffic Regulations Pertaining
to The Fisherman’s Lot Parking Lot 1:40:33
2021-13 An Ordinance Limiting Service Fees Charged to Retail Food Handling
Establishments… 1:48:59
2021-14 An Ordinance Amending and Supplementing Section 4-9, Entitled
“Display of Merchandise in Public Areas; Outdoor/Sidewalk Cafes,” Of
Chapter 4, “General Licensing,” Of “The Code of The City of Asbury
Park.” 1:57:22
2021-15 An Ordinance of The City of Asbury Park, In the County of Monmouth,
State Of New Jersey, Correcting A Scrivener’s Error in Ordinance 2021-2 2:05:42

Municipal Budget Introduction 2021
2021-196 Resolution Introducing the 2021 Municipal Budget 2:08:26

Full agenda: