Asbury Park City Council – May 26, 2021

Workshop Session
Call to Order/Roll Call 0:00
Special Event Applications 1:13
Matters form City Council 6:46

Regular Meeting
Public Participation 14:39
Consent Agenda Resolutions 2021-243 to 2021-277 43:45
Individual Resolutions
2021-278 : Resolution to Amend 2021 Calendar Year Budget 44:43
2021-256 : Adoption of the 2021 Municipal Budget 45:22
2021-257 : Resolution Approving Payment of Bills 45:50
2021-258 : Resolution Authorizing the Repairs of Influent Pump #1 at the Sewer Plant 46:35
2021-259 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Trash and Recycling Cans 47:03
2021-260 : Resolution Approving Change Order #1 for Asbury & Ridge Avenue Traffic Signal Improvements 47:29
2021-261 : Resolution Awarding Contract for Emergency Medical Services Billing 47:57
2021-262 : Appointing the Firm of Marotta & Garvey to Serve as Rent Leveling Board Attorney for the City, and Authorizing the Execution of an Agreement for Professional Services Associated Therewith. 48:35
2021-263 : Resolution Authorizing Membership with the Keystone Purchasing Network Cooperative Purchasing Program 49:09
2021-264 : Resolution to Approve Person to Person Liquor License Transfer from DB Ventures, LLC to Johnny Mac House of Spirits, LLC (1303-33-051-009) 49:40
2021-265 : Resolution Rescinding Payments To Wakefern Food Corporation And Approving Funds To Fulfill Foodbank Of Monmouth And Ocean County. 50:22
2021-266 : Resolution Approving Funds to Interfaith Neighbors for Emergency Food Assistance for Residents of Asbury Park 50:51
2021-267 : Resolution Authorizing Grant Funding for Asbury Park Small Businesses through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG/CV) Cares Act Funds 51:22
2021-268 : Resolution Authorizing a Substantial Amendment to the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plan Fiscal Year 2021 51:55
2021-269 : Resolution Authorizing the Display of An Organizational Flag (Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month) On A City Flagpole 52:30
2021-270 : A Resolution of The Mayor And Council of The City Of Asbury Park, Acting As The Redevelopment Entity, Granting Conceptual Approval For A Roof Top Deck To 1401 Ocean Avenue, LLC, as Subsequent Developer; And Referring The Matter To The Planning Board For Appropriate Approvals. 53:03
2021-271 : A Resolution Supporting Pending Legislation (S-2963) Which Would Authorize the Creation of Local Civilian Review Boards To Review Police Operations and Conduct. 53:44
2021-272 : A Resolution Supporting Pending Legislation (S-685) Which Would Permit Municipal, County and Regional Police and Fire Forces to Establish A Five-Year Residency Requirement For Police and Firefighters 54:19

2021-23 : An Ordinance Amending Section 7-27, Entitled “Loading Zones” of Chapter VII, “Traffic,” of the “Code of the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey” to Establish New Loading Zones Along Main Street (SR 71) 56:11
2021-24 : An Ordinance Amending Section 7-13, Entitled “Parking Prohibited at All Times on Certain Streets” of Chapter VII, “Traffic,” of the “Code of the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey” to Establish New Restrictions Related to Prohibited Parking at All Times on Asbury Avenue and Springwood Avenue 57:55
2021-25 : An Ordinance Prohibiting The Operation of Any Class Of Cannabis Businesses Within The Geographical Boundaries of The City of Asbury Park, and Amending And Supplementing Article VI, Entitled “Zoning,” Of Chapter 30, “Land Development Regulations,” of The “Code Of The City of Asbury Park,” As Well As Amending And Supplementing All Existing Redevelopment Plans Relating To All Redevelopment Areas of The City of Asbury Park Accordingly. 58:46
2021-18 : Ordinance of The City of Asbury Park Authorizing the Amendment to Certain Financial Agreements Within the City 1:01:26
2021-19 : Ordinance of the City of Asbury Park Amending Traffic and Parking Regulations (Chapter VII) Designating Waterfront Parking for Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles 1:13:27
2021-22 : An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2021-5, Entitled “An Ordinance Establishing A Rent Leveling Board as Well as Rules That Regulate the Price of Rent and Rate of Rent Increase for Certain Rental Housing Within the City of Asbury Park, And Amending and Supplementing the Code of The City of Asbury Park to Establish A New Chapter 15 Thereof, Which Shall Be Entitled ‘Rent Leveling Regulations.’” 1:24:04

Individual Resolution
2021-273 : A Resolution Referring the Proposed Cannabis “Opt Out” Ordinance to The Planning Board Pursuant to The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law. 1:34:10
2021-274 : A Resolution Confirming the Terms of The Regular Members Of The Rent Leveling Board, And Appointing Alternate Members to The Board. 1:34:47

Full agenda: