Asbury Park City Council – May 12, 2021

Workshop Session
Call to Order/Roll Call 0:00
Special Event Applications 1:14
Proclamation 1:43
2021-25 : Rick Benjamin and Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Items to be Presented 4:48
2021-26 : Asbury Park Equity Committee Recommendations
Matters from City Council 38:50

Regular Meeting
Public Participation 40:42
Consent Agenda Resolutions 1:00:28
2021-221 : Resolution Approving Special Event Applications
2021-222 : Resolution Amending Temporary Budget Appropriations for 2021 Budget
2021-223 : Resolution Accepting Award of a Grant from the Monmouth County Municipal Open Space Program and Authorizing Signatories
2021-224 : Authorize Submission of a Grant Application to the State of New Jersey, Department of Public Safety, Division of Highway Traffic Safety, Under the ” Click it or Ticket” 2021 Seat Belt Mobilization Grant
2021-225 : Resolution to Refund Overpaid Taxes Block-3205 Lot-12 604 Grand Avenue
2021-226 : Resolution to Refund Overpaid Taxes Block-3205 Lot-11 600 Grand Avenue
2021-227 : Resolution to Refund Overpaid Taxes Block-3205 Lot-1 610 Grand Avenue
2021-228 : Resolution of Support Authorizing the Sustainable Jersey 2021 EDF Climate Corps Program Application

Individual Resolutions
2021-229 : Resolution Approving Payment of Bills 1:01:31
2021-230 : Authorizing the Execution of a Shared Service Agreement with the County of Monmouth for Dispatch Services 1:02:06
2021-231 : Resolution of the Mayor and City Council of The City of Asbury Park to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Public Resources Advisory Group for the Provision of RAB Administration 1:02:36
2021-232 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Three Kubota’s 1:03:13
2021-233 : Resolution Authorizing the Purchase two Rear Compactor Boxes for the Beach Department 1:03:54
2021-234 : Rescinding Resolution 2020-283 and Authorizing a Contract for the Installation of an Underground Sprinkler System at Sunset and Cannon Park 1:04:27
2021-235 : Resolution Authorizing Change Order Number 2, 3 and 4 for the Deal Lake Drive Improvements Project 1:05:04
2021-236 : Resolution Approving Change Order #5 for Bridge and Heck Street Improvements 1:05:35
2021-237 : Resolution Adopting the Monmouth County HOME Consortium FY-2021 Annual Action Plan for the Housing and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program 1:06:04
2021-238 : Resolution Authorizing the Reprogramming of Funds as a result of a Substantial Amendment to the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plans for Fiscal Years 2017, 2018 and 2019 1:06:43
2021-239 : Resolution of The Mayor And City Council of The City of Asbury Park to Designate 1401 Ocean Avenue, LLC, As a Subsequent Developer and to Enter Into a Subsequent Developer Agreement With 1401 Ocean Avenue, LLC, For The Development of A Roof Top Deck On The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel Located On The Property At Block 4204, Lot 1 1:07:28
2021-240 : Resolution Establishing A Flag Flying Policy Relating to The Display of Commemorative or Organizational Flags On City Flagpoles. 1:10:34
2021-241 : Resolution Appointing Members to The Rent Leveling Board 1:11:12

Ordinances: Introduction
2021-18 : Ordinance of The City of Asbury Park Authorizing the Amendment to Certain Financial Agreements Within the City 1:12:42
2021-19 : Ordinance of the City of Asbury Park Amending Traffic and Parking Regulations (Chapter VII) Designating Waterfront Parking for Electric or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles 1:13:27
2021-20 : An Ordinance Amending Various Sections of Chapter XXX, Entitled “Land Development Regulations,” of The Code of the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey. 1:14:06
2021-21 : An Ordinance Amending Various Sections of Chapter XXX, Entitled “Land Development Regulations,” of The Code of the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey and Amending the Official Zoning Map 1:14:42
2021-22 : An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2021-5, Entitled “An Ordinance Establishing A Rent Leveling Board as Well as Rules That Regulate the Price of Rent and Rate of Rent Increase for Certain Rental Housing Within the City of Asbury Park, And Amending and Supplementing the Code of The City of Asbury Park to Establish A New Chapter 15 Thereof, Which Shall Be Entitled ‘Rent Leveling Regulations.’” 1:15:22

Second Reading/Public Hearing
2021-16 : 2021 Cap Rate Ordinance 1:16:19
Municipal Budget Public Hearing 2021 1:21:49

Full agenda: