5-15 Asbury Park Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits around Asbury Park in May/June 2015

Parlor Gallery:
Dean Reynolds Solo ~ A Way We Go
Dean Reynolds was awarded first place in the Griffin Art Prize USA, an art submission competition from ColArt Americas with their leading brands, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conte a Paris. The body of work he created while in residency in London will be exhibited for the first time in A Way We Go.

“What I do is similar to the archetype of the Magician. I conjure these images which come to me like a day dream or a vision. They arrive as a seed which I then nuture and grow. The work is about the act of painting a window to a world and of fantasy, the surreal and inner experiences. The images appear to me and taunt me to re-create them into a drawing or a painting and then I work to make them into reality. There are influences that find their way into my art the works of my heroes’; Carl Jung, Dali, Peter Paul Rubens and Sci-fi and Fantasy Illustrators. My life experiences are portrayed and resolved through the artwork. The paintings take me somewhere: It’s a journey. The mystery of inner experience revealing itself along the way. “ ~ D.Reynolds

May Group Show
Gomez Bueno~ Paola Sala~ Amy Crehore ~ Jean Pierre Arboleda ~ Hannah Yata ~ Kyle Stewart~ Andrew Pawlan

Palette Gallery/ArtsSpace:
Critters ~ This show features work with creatures from land, sea and air in a variety of media and styles. Thru mid June.

Collective Art Tank:
Kamelia Ani ~ Humans of AP

Hotel Tides:
Patricia Senkiw-Rudowsky ~ Asbury Enlightened

Heaven Art & Antiques:
Tim Horn ~ Sense of Space

Mirabel Guerrero ~ Bodies of Work