2020 Asbury Park Council Meetings

Asbury Park City Council Meeting - December 22, 2020
Workshop Session
Call to Order 0:00
Matters from City Council 1:21

Regular Meeting
Public Participation 5:18

Individual Resolutions
2020-357: Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Appropriations in the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget 39:03
2020-358: Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Geese Chasers for Geese Management at Sunset Park 39:37
2020-359: Resolution Authorizing the Execution of a Shared Services Agreement with The Township of Neptune For Geese Management of Wesley Lake 40:08
2020-360: Resolution Awarding a contract to BR Welding for the RBC West Channel Improvements No. 1 at the Wastewater Treatment Plant 40:40
2020-361: Resolution Authorizing the City of Asbury Park (CoAP) to Grant an Assignable License to Permit an Encroachment Over A Certain Portion of The Right-Of-Way Area Adjacent to The Property Located At 1200 Asbury Avenue/630 Church Street 41:14
2020-362: Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Traffic Safety Signage through the Transportation Utility 41:59
2020-363: Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Access Control Security System for the new Transportation Offices 42:29
2020-364: Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Uniforms for the Police Department 42:59
2020-365: Resolution Authorizing the Boom Reel Replacement on the 2013 Seagrave Aerialscope Reel at the Fire Department 43:27

Second Reading/Public Hearing
2020-25: A Capital Ordinance Appropriating the Sum of $362,000.00 for Vehicles for Various Departments 44:15
2020-26: Ordinance of the CoAP Amending Chapter VII of the Code of the CoAP Regarding Traffic Regulations 59:35
2020-27: Ordinance of the CoAP Amending and Supplementing Chapter VII of the Code of the CoAP Regarding Traffic and Parking Regulations 1:05:37
2020-28: Ordinance of The CoAP, County of Monmouth And State Of New Jersey Amending Ordinance No. 2018-21, Relating to The Implementation and Collection Of "Development Fees” 1:10:48
2020-29: Ordinance Establishing Salary Ranges for Employees of The CoAP 1:19:26
2020-30: An Ordinance Establishing A Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board as Well as Rules That Regulate the Price of Rent and Rate of Rent Increase for Certain Rental Housing Within the CoAP.
• Statement from City Attorney 1:26:25
• Public Participation 1:37:48
• Motion to Adopt/Comments from Mayor and Council 4:26:53

Adjournment 4:38:24

Meeting agenda and information: https://www.cityofasburypark.com/427/December-22-2020
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